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Titans News: Big Jeff Cometh

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Cynthia Frelund wrote about each AFC team’s most underrated player. For the Titans, it was Big Jeff, who she says her computer model ranks in the top 13 for interior defenders next year. Big Jeff needs to make a big leap next year, and I’m confident he can.

Another player who the Titans hope can take a leap is Vic Beasley. With a one year prove it deal, they are hoping to incentivize him to give 100% effort all the time.

The NFL is planning on instituting changes to the Rooney rule. The Rooney rule is in dire need of updating, as it seems minorities that are extremely qualified (looking at Eric Bieniemy) get passed over for no reason. That being said, I don’t think the draft compensation plan is the way to go.

AJ Brown ranks 5th on’s top 10 pass catchers from 2019 list. Amazing that he didn’t win OROY over Kyler Murray.

How does Bill Barnwell rank the Titan offseason? 25th overall. I’d imagine Clowney would give that a big boost. He also says Foles and Dalton would have been good alternatives to Tannehill, to which I say, absolutely not.