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2020 NFL Draft day 2 open thread

Night two of the NFL Draft kicks off now. The Titans are slated to have 2 picks tonight, #61 overall in the second round and #93 overall in the third round. They don’t currently have a pick in the 4th or 6th rounds, so Jon Robinson could look to move back a little bit with one of these picks to add a later pick.

Just like last night, we will use this thread to discuss the draft until the Titans have made the pick. You can then slide over to the thread where the pick is announced.

Last night I recorded an episode of MCM Radio to break down the Isaiah Wilson pick. You can listen to that here while waiting for the Titans to make their picks tonight.

Titans remaining picks:

Round 2 #61

Round 3 #93

Round 5 #174

Round 7 #224

Round 7 #237

Round 7 #243

Titans remaining draft needs:

CB (more than 1)