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2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Texas A&M DT Justin Madubuike

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Madubuike | DT | Texas A&M

Height: 6-3

Weight: 293

Player Profile

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This is an extremely exciting player in my eyes. All throughout my tape study, Madubuike is somebody that spent a lot of time in the backfield in both 2018 and 2019. Madubuike is a strong, physical player. Madubuike has an advanced understanding of defensive line play. He gets off the ball in a hurry and understands leverage at a high level. Texas A&M moved him all over their defense line and he remained a force to be reckoned with no matter where he lined up. Madubuike wins on the interior with heavy, violent hands. When lined up outside, he wins with better-than-advertised quickness.

I was able to interview Madubuike a few weeks ago and he’s certainly one of the most serious, physical players I’ve ever spoken to. His mindset as a football player is incredibly impressive. Here are a couple of snippets from my conversation with Madubuike:

What’s your favorite part about playing on the defensive line?

Madubuike: I love putting my hand in somebody’s throat and just pushing them all the way backwards. I love sacking the quarterback. I’m always looking to cut off the offense’s momentum. That’s how I like to play, dirty and physical. That’s what football is all about.

What’s your favorite way to demoralize your opponent?

Madubuike: I love to smack them in the mouth from the opening whistle. I’m always looking to hit somebody. My level of physicality remains extremely high throughout the entire game. They’ll shut it down eventually. They can’t keep up with me. Nobody can match my physicality. There’s where I make my money. It’s all about making big plays.

Sign. Me Up.


Madubuike came in at 6-3, 293 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine. For somebody who’s best fit at the next level is on the inside, he’s a tad undersized. He spent more time on the ground throughout my tape study than you’d like to see. He needs to play with better consistency going forward, both from a production and motor standpoint.

Does he fit the Titans?

Absolutely. I was able to confirm that Madubuike took a top-30 visit with the Titans prior to the spread of COVID-19. I’m told that it was a good, productive visit. I can see Madubuike’s physical mindset and serious personality lining up very well with Mike Vrabel’s philosophy on defensive line play. In a very unique draft year, teams are likely to lean on players they got to spend time with and brought to their facility before everything got shut down. The titans have a need on the defensive line, they brought Madubuike in for a visit, and his style/personality lines up with the team’s culture and beliefs. Watch out for Madubuike on draft weekend.