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Titans News: One Week Out

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There is just one week until the NFL Draft. I am equal parts excited for the draft as I am excited that there will actually be something new in sports to watch live.

Mel Kiper thinks the Titans could look at Gross-Matos in the first round and Trevon Diggs in the 2nd round. I don’t love that duo, to be honest. I do like the idea of getting a late round QB, and Kiper brings up the names of Cole McDonald, James Morgan, and Steven Montez.

I remember back when we were going 2-4, our own Mike Herndon brought up Cole McDonald as a guy to watch. The guy has tools, and could be a nice pickup as a flier at the end of a draft.

In the 2016 draft do-over, the Titans select DeForest Buckner. Jack Conklin ended up being a pretty good pick, but not good enough that he warranted an extension in the eyes of the front office. Buckner is an elite defensive lineman, and certainly would have had a trickle down effect in subsequent drafts. The 2016 draft will always bring back the pain of not drafting Chris Jones or Michael Thomas in the 2nd round. Oof.

Peter Schrager has the Titans selecting Isaiah Wilson, an OL from Georgia. I don’t hate the idea of an OT in the 1st round, but I’d prefer if it wasn’t Wilson, who is not a great mover, to put it politely.