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Titans News: Supporting Our City

Houston Texans v Tennessee TItans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Yesterday I linked ways you can help out around Nashville after the destruction left by the tornado. Amy Adams Strunk and the Titans are donating $1 Million Dollars to help rebuild.

The Chargers look like they will be trading Russell Okung to the Panthers for Trai Turner. Turner is a 5 time Pro Bowler and only 27, whereas Okung is 32 and has a big contract. I get that the Panthers want a different style player, but this seems like a low return for a very good guard.

Where could Jameis Winston end up? Possibly the Titans says E$PN+. The fit makes some sense, but I doubt the Titans do it. Plus Jameis is a garbage person and should never be signed.

Jim Wyatt takes a tour of all the mock drafts he could find. Lots of OTs were selected.