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“It’s not looking good for Tom Brady and the Patriots”

New England Patriots v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

There has been so much speculation about where Tom Brady will play in 2020. We have heard everything from the New England Patriots to the Tennessee Titans to the Las Vegas Raiders. Well, it appears that one of those teams is pretty much slamming the door shut:

So it sounds like we are going to get the biggest free agency since Peyton Manning back in 2012...or maybe not....

I hope he hits the market just so we can track planes again. That was a really fun time!

The other thing to keep an eye on today is the fact that the window for teams to tag players, franchise and transition, opens today. Will the Titans tag either Ryan Tannehill or Derrick Henry? Time will tell.

I am excited to see what develops over the next few weeks. What we do know is that the Titans are right in the center of the biggest stories in the NFL right now. That is different and exciting.