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Jon Robinson on Ryan Tannehill being the Titans starting QB going forward: “We’ll see how it goes”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Jon Robinson did his podium interview at the 2020 NFL Combine this morning. Of course he was asked if he anticipates Ryan Tannehill being the Titans quarterback in 2020:

We could have predicted this is what Robinson was going to say. My guess is that he has a pretty good idea of how it is going to go at this point, but he isn’t going to give any of that away here.

He was also asked about Tom Brady but said that he wasn’t able to talk about players that are currently under contract with another team. Again, exactly what you would expect him to say on February 25th.

Robinson was also asked about re-signing Derrick Henry:

Pretty easy to see there that Robinson really wants King Henry back with this team in 2020. That doesn’t mean that he absolutely will be because both sides are going to have to come up with something that works for them, but I would be shocked if they aren’t able to get something done even before free agency opens.