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Titans vs. Lions snap count notes

Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

I was pleasantly surprised when it was reported on Saturday that Adoree Jackson was expected to play for the Titans against the Lions. I really thought the best-case scenario was we would see him this week in Green Bay. It also seemed like there was a chance that he wouldn’t make his debut until week 17 so he could get his feet wet for the playoffs. Instead, he played 27 of 65 defensive snaps yesterday. I would expect that percentage to increase this week. Now, barring another injury, Adoree should be in full game shape when the playoffs start.

The other guy that we saw more of yesterday was Darrynton Evans. He played 13 of 68 offensive snaps. You saw what he was able to do with the ball in his hands with the 24-yard play on the screen pass. There were also times where they had him split out wide. They drafted him for a specific purpose. We might get to see that purposed over the next couple of games.

The only other interesting note is that Will Compton only played one snap on defense. It was a pretty impactful snap. As I said on Twitter yesterday, it is amazing to me that anyone tries to run up the middle against this defense on the goal line. That’s the only thing they do well.