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Titans to wear light blue jersey, light blue pants and navy socks vs. Browns

NFL: DEC 15 Texans at Titans Photo by Steve Roberts/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is not a game week without the “Britches Report” from Jim Wyatt. He delivered said report earlier today:

As an aside, look at A.J. Brown in that picture. Dude is such a stud!

This is the annual “Code Blue” game for the Titans. This is there usual uniform of choice when they have the Code Blue. Of course the Code Blue won’t have the usual effect here because of limited fans in the stadium, but my guess is those who are there will be loud enough to make their presence felt.

There was talk last week that this game might get flexed to the Sunday night game. It really sucks that it didn’t happen because this was likely the Titans last chance to have a game flexed. They already have a prime time game against the Packers, but the other remaining opponents - Texans, Jaguars and Lions - are so bad that NBC won’t want those games.