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AFC Playoff Picture: Titans Scenarios for Monday Night football

NFL: DEC 13 Titans at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Titans took care of business on Sunday in Jacksonville to move to 9-4. The win secured their 5th straight winning season. While the 9-7 jokes for the last four years have been plentiful, it is still really impressive to be a winning team in the NFL for that long.

The win yesterday also got them really close to clinching a playoff spot. There isn’t a scenario from tonight’s game where they can clinch a spot, but they will be really close with a Browns win over the Ravens. If Cleveland wins, the Titans will only need one win in their final three games to clinch a playoff spot.

The race for the AFC South is more complicated. The Titans picked up another division win yesterday, so for the time being they hold the tiebreaker in the division with the Colts - meaning as long as the Titans don’t lose to the Texans in week 17 they win the division if they end with the same record as the Colts.

Both the Titans and the Colts currently sit at 9-4. The Colts finish the season vs. the Texans, at the Steelers, and vs. the Jaguars. The Titans finish vs. the Lions, at the Packers, and at the Texans. The Titans might need to win all three to win the division.

We talked about all of the playoff scenarios on last night’s Homerun Throwback podcast. Listen here.

We have spent a lot of time the last few seasons combing through scenarios the Titans needed around the AFC to make the playoffs in weeks 15-17. I am thankful that we most likely won’t be doing that this year.