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Titans add Will Compton to the active roster

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans announced this afternoon that they have signed Will Compton back to the active roster. Compton has bounced back and forth between the 53-man roster and the practice squad this season. This move doesn’t come as a surprise after it was announced last week that he would wear the green dot, meaning Shane Bowen would communicate with Compton while the Titans are on defense.

There was a shift at one point during the Colts game to David Long wearing the green dot. My guess is that going forward it will be somewhat game plan and game flow dependent. Compton doesn’t have nearly the athletic upside of Long, but he is a veteran who understands the defense and his role in it. That seems to be particularly important to this group that has some players who will freelance at times.

So if you are currently hearing people yelling “THE BOY!” around you at work or in the store, now you know why.