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Titans sign DeShone Kizer to practice squad; Saints sign Trevor Siemian

NFL: Preseason-Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I thought it was weird when it was reported yesterday that the Titans had DeShone Kizer in for a workout. They seemed pretty set at the quarterback position with Ryan Tannehill, Logan Woodside and Trevor Siemian. We did know they had at least some level of interest in Kizer because he was in the group of guys they brought in before.

Well now we know why. The Saints have signed Trevor Siemian to their roster. He gives them a third quarterback behind Taysom Hill (who is apparently their starter for some reason) and Jameis Winston with Drew Bress landing on IR. Kizer will likely assume the “designated survivor” role that Siemian has been in this season.

The tradeoff between Siemian and Kizer is probably insignificant. The bottom line is the Titans are in a lot of trouble if they get to a point where their 3rd quarterback has to be on the field. This move doesn’t change much about that fact.