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Report: Brett Kern “to miss time” with injury

One of the Titans best weapon will miss time because of a bad snap from Beau Brinkley.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky is reporting that Brett Kern will miss time with the injury he suffered after a bad snap from Beau Brinkley on an extra point attempt yesterday:

Brinkley has one job for this team and it is to snap the ball. He has failed at that job in each of the last two weeks. I’m not sure he’s ever been great, but the lapses the last two weeks are just inexcusable.

Kuharsky mentions Tucker McCann as an option to punt in that tweet. It does seem that he will be the only option for this team with the NFL COVID protocols. However, they were just saying on the Midday 180 that a guy who has previously tested positive for COVID could get in the building quicker. I wonder if Jon Robinson is keeping a list of punters who have tested positive.

The only good news here is there were times in the past where Kern was the Titans best offensive weapon. At least that isn’t the case anymore.