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Titans release Ryan Allen

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Well Ryan Allen punted in one game and averaged about 50 yards. He got benched the next game for Trevor Daniel - who rewarded the Titans for that decision by punting the ball 17 yards. Today Jim Wyatt reported that the team has waived Allen.

Mike Keith said on the OTP that Daniel probably shanked the punt because he was worried about the pressure coming up the middle. To be fair, he did have the next punt taken off his foot.

Here’s the thing though, Allen was facing that same pressure and was still able to punt the ball. So the reasoning for Daniel being out there last week was that he outperformed Allen in practice. Practice is certainly important, but it really blows my mind that they made this decision today.

Don’t be surprised to see special teams cost the Titans another game or two this season with Daniel as punter and Stephen Gostkowski as kicker.