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Jeffery Simmons added to COVID-19 list

Syndication: The Tennessean

The Titans have added Jeffery Simmons to the COVID-19 list.

This makes eight players now for the Titans who have tested positive. The game against the Steelers has already been moved to week 7. Now we are getting to a point where they could have a numbers issue against the Bills - if they are able to play that game as scheduled. That is very much hanging in the balance right now.

This is, of course, why you have all of the extra guys on the practice squad this year. If the Titans have their outbreak under control by the beginning of next week they will play the Bills. But they are likely one or two days of more positive tests away from that game being canceled as well.

We will be keeping an eye on the testing data over the next few days. The players and staff came in for tests today and will tomorrow. Now we just wait to see if they have any additional positives from those tests.

As always, we hope all of the guys who are dealing with the virus are doing well!