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Ryan Clark gives Derrick Henry some bulletin board material

It’s really easy to say that from a TV studio.

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers

Ryan Clark is a brave man talking crap to Derrick Henry while in a suit knowing he won’t have to actually do the thing he said on Sunday:

Clark says he has watched every play. Has he seen this one:

Those are linebackers that he is stiff-arming late in that play.

I think Mike laid out the best plan of action:

Henry thrives on people doubting him. We all remember what he did to Earl Thomas last year after Thomas said he wasn’t going to be running wild against the Baltimore defense.

Taylor Lewan had some thoughts for Clark:

This Steelers defense has been really, really good. They have also only faced off against the Giants, Broncos, Texans, Eagles and Browns. One of those offenses is good. The rest are garbage.

The Steelers have given the Titans plenty of material to get ready for this game with this in combination with some of the comments they made during the week of the game that got re-scheduled earlier. This should be fun.