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Kamalei Correa traded to the Jaguars

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

My parents used to tell me, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well it sure seems like someone should have given Kamalei Correa that advice before he asked for a trade. Mike Garafolo, who is apparently best friends with Correa, is reporting that the Titans have trade Correa to the Jacksonville Jaguars:

It will be interesting to see what the compensation is here. The Titans traded a 6th to get Correa two years ago. It would be a huge upset if they were able to get a 6th for him now.

This does create a depth issue for the Titans at OLB, although Correa wasn’t getting much run at the position even with both Vic Beasley and Derick Roberson out of the lineup. They have apparently decided he is easily replaceable. It is interesting that they were willing to trade him in the division. That pretty much tells you what his status was inside the building.

I feel bad for Correa having to listen to those idiots yell DUVALL every time something good happens...well at least he won’t have hear it that often....