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Nike drops the new Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Titans shoe!

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For a few years now Nike has been releasing shoes each year for college teams. This year they are doing the same thing for every NFL team. You have probably seen the ones for the Titans floated around on various social media platforms. Well they are now available and they are awesome.

The best part about this is you know that is going to be a good shoe because it made by Nike. This is not some company doing a “one-off” in the shoe market with an NFL theme. Nike has made a few shoes throughout the years, in case you didn’t know.

You won’t be able to watch the Titans play on Sunday. What you can do is score the sweet shoes and walk around with your feet looking awesome. Get them now so you can show them off to all of your friends and make them jealous!

NOTE: This shoe is available for men and women as a unisex shoe.