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Your MCM Ravens hate thread

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Ravens v Titans Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I hate the Baltimore Ravens. I hate pretty much everyone who has ever played for them. I hate their fans- especially the ones that Eddie George told The Midday 180 dog-cussed his then 8 year old son who wore his jersey to a game up there. I won’t say that is how all of the fans up there are...but it really is. I am sure we will get to see some of those classy fans in this thread.

There is no football player I hate more than Ray Lewis. The man pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in connection to a double murder that happened following the Super Bowl in Atlanta back in 2000. To this day, the suit he was wearing that night has never been found. Where’s the white suit, Ray? Later in his career he proclaimed himself “God’s linebacker.” Yeah, OK.

You also have Brian Billick who is the most unlikable person to ever coach in the NFL. He was hired in Baltimore because he was an offensive guru, but his offenses in Baltimore were horrific. Billick was never actually a good coach. He just lucked into being in Minnesota when the Vikings drafted Randy Moss. He left the Ravens in 2007 and never got another coaching job. The only reason he won a Super Bowl was because he lucked into one of the best defenses ever. It’s better to be lucky than good, I guess.

That 2000 version of the Ravens also featured Jamal Lewis who spent 4 months in prison on drug trafficking charges- another class act there.

Derrick Mason went to the Ravens and became a tool just like everyone else. The Titans had to cut Mason because they had gotten themselves in salary cap jail. It wasn’t because they didn’t think he could play anymore. Did that stop him from throwing the ball at the Titans banner when he scored a touchdown here for the Ravens in the playoffs? Nope!

In that same playoff game, the Ravens defense, led by justice obstructing linebacker, put a dirty hit on Chris Johnson that knocked him out of the game. You can see the pictures here. There is absolutely no question that the hit was dirty.

Mike shared his reasons for hating the Ravens here. Why do you hate the Ravens?