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Titans News: Win or Go Home

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have had an awesome season so far. The most exciting offense the franchise has ever seen, along with the best QB play the franchise has ever seen. I’m not ready for it to end and neither are the players. I want them to go into Foxboro and beat the Pats so bad, even if FPI doesn’t believe in us. Make it so.

AJ Brown may return some punts against the Pats. I think that’s a pretty good idea to get the dynamic rookie the ball in his hands more.

Issac Bruce should be in the Hall of Fame. That’s my only HoF take.

In typical Browns fashion, Cleveland is planning on hiring a coach before a GM. Apparently they loved Stefanski more than Kitchens last year, but passed on making a good judgement call and hired dear Freddie anyway.

Adoree Jackson says he’s good to go. The Titans will need him if they expect to make any sort of playoff run.

Ryan Tannehill is the AFC Offensive Player of the Month. AJ Brown is the AFC Rookie of the Month, and Derrick Henry is up for FedEx Ground Player of the Year. That is the trio the Titans are going to need to rely on in the playoffs, heavily.