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Pro Football Focus ranks Ryan Tannehill 4th among NFL quarterbacks

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NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Ryan Tannehill was nothing short of great for the Titans in 2019, but sometimes I think I underestimate just how great he was. How great was he? So great that Pro Football Focus ranked him 4th AMONG ALL NFL QUARTERBACKS. 4th!

Here are their comments:

In one of the biggest breakout seasons in history, Tannehill became one of the league’s best passers, dominating at all levels of the field. He more than doubled his percentage of positively graded throws from a year ago, which is a ridiculous feat, even in small sample sizes. Tannehill was accurate to all levels of the field and was the league’s best on 10-plus yard throws. His career year led the Titans to the No. 2 passing attack in EPA from the time he took over as starter through the end of the season. While Tannehill had settled in as a mid-tier starter in his first five years in the league, he was the league’s lowest-graded starter in 2018 before posting the top grade in 2019, the biggest one-season increase in the PFF era. His 2019 campaign was special, and it’s one that will be difficult to duplicate.

Here’s my question for you based off of these PFF rankings, who would you rather have as the quarterback of this team for the next 2 years, Tannehill or Tom Brady? That has been a raging debate a lot of places since the season ended. I would like to get the opinion of you all who read here.