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Titans News: Time to Take Everything

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, boys and girls. The last links until the game that will decide the fate of the Titans 2019 Season. It’s exciting for sure, but also unnerving that something that has been such a fun ride could end swiftly in heartbreak. That’s the rub of the playoffs, and the Titans have as good a chance as any to advance to the Super Bowl. Good luck and we’re all counting on you.

Adam Humphries feels good! Josh Kalu wants another blocked kick against the Chiefs. I hope Humphries is active as he’s been a great security blanket in the middle of the field for Tannehill, and less points for the Chiefs is always good.

As the season has worn on, Derrick Henry has continually gotten stronger, like the Benjamin Button of running backs.

The Dolphins were happy to trade Ryan Tannehill to the Titans this past offseason, and now he’s got a chance to take his new team into his old stadium to play for the Super Bowl. However, the AFC Championship looms first.

Speaking of the trade that netted the Titans Ryan Tannehill, Bill Barnwell ranks it the #1 trade of the offseason.

Gregg Rosenthal picks the Chiefs and the 49ers to go on to the Super Bowl. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Titans crashed the party?

See you all on the other side. Titan Up!