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Titans News: Feeding On Disrespect

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have taken every negative thing said about them this playoff run and shoved it right back in the faces of those who uttered them in the first place. First Brady, then Earl, and now the opportunity to put Anthony Hitchens and Tyreek Hill on that list.

Ryan Tannehill has been amazing this season. Historic, even. The general public doesn’t know how well he’s played because they’ve just seen Henry plow through defenses. At some point, Tannehill will get his number called, or at least with more volume, and he’s going to shine.

Adam Humphries and Jayon Brown both got to practice a bit on Wednesday, which means that this battlestation could be fully operational for the first time in a long time on Sunday.

The Titans are going to have an outdoor watch party in downtown Nashville on lower Broadway. I’d imagine this will be an awesome event, and if you’re not lucky enough to be going to the game, this would be a very cool alternative.

Peter King thinks that Derrick Henry might just be rewriting the book on RBs and how replaceable they are. He writes that Henry is the Final Four’s most compelling player.

Chris Jones might be out for the Chiefs on Sunday, which would be monumental. He’s a terrific player and him being out would make it a little easier to run with Henry.

Turron Davenport writes that two trades that Jon Robinson made altered the franchise and led them to the AFC Championship game.

Check out this Mic’d Up video from Saturday’s win in Baltimore.

The Titans get 3 pending free agents on the Top 25 FA list. Tannehill, Henry, Conklin make the list, Logan Ryan was snubbed.

Vrabel said he was a bad coach and the Titans were a bad team before they made the switch to Tannehill. Since then, they’ve been the #1 Weighted DVOA offense and left a lot of sad opponents in their wake.

What’s a potential mismatch on Sunday? The Chiefs run defense versus Derrick Henry, says Cynthia Frelund. Seems like a bad mismatch for the Chiefs indeed.

The Hall of Fame’s Centennial Class was revealed, and it sucks that Bud Adams isn’t in it.