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Titans News: Slept On

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans keep on getting underestimated, and they continue to show people why you should estimate them instead. ranks the Titans 3rd of the 4 playoff teams remaining. Honestly, I’m surprised they aren’t 4th. Win on Sunday and I guarantee the Titans will get into the top 2.

Cynthia Frelund gives the Titans a measly 14% chance to win the Super Bowl.

The Titans don’t need to worry about the new coaching hires just yet, but gives the pros and cons of each new hire. A con about Matt Rhule is that he stole the passing coordinator off of my 2019 National Champions, LSU Fighting Tigers, the greatest college football team of all time.

Another con to Matt Rhule is that Luke Kuechly retired yesterday, which was surprising and also good for Kuechly. Get out with your health and take care of your chickens, as Marshawn Lynch would say.