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A.J. Brown gets screwed by the Pro Football Writers of America

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Pro Football Writers of America announced their rookie awards today, and at the same time proved just how little they watched the Tennessee Titans play this season. Yes, A.J. Brown did make their All-Rookie team, but did not win Offensive Rookie of the Year. That went to Josh Jacobs of the Oakland Raiders.

Jacobs did have a really good year. He rushed for 1,150 yards on 242 carries and scored 7 touchdowns. That’s nice, but Brown’s numbers were just better. He had 1,051 yards and 8 touchdowns with a fraction of the same volume that Jacobs got (I know that’s not apples to oranges but you get my point).

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see this, I guess. We know the national media wasn’t paying attention to this team until they won in New England a week ago. Hopefully the success they had this season will put them on the radar from the beginning next season.