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Let’s take a minute to celebrate Kalif Raymond

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

One of the unsung heroes for this Tennessee Titans team is definitely Kalif Raymond. Check out this tweet from Jared Puffer that details Raymond’s NFL journey:

Just take a minute and think about the perseverance you would have to have to keep fighting back when things are going like that. The other thing that had to be really tough for him was getting cut here right before the season the day before the first game. The team brought him back to the practice squad a few days later before adding him to the active roster on October 26th,

Raymond has given them a speed dimension in the passing game they desperately needed. He has 3 catches of 40 or more yards this season. He had a huge play to help end the Colts game in Indianapolis and of course the huge touchdown Saturday against the Ravens. That doesn’t even mention the fact that he has been a steady hand in the punt return game.