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Titans News: On To Kansas City

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Titans pulled off an epic upset of the Ravens, never trailing in the game against the NFL’s most vaunted offense. They will take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the right to play in the Super Bowl. This has been an unreal story thus far, and I see no reason why it end now.

What stood out for Jim Wyatt on Saturday? The defense and Derrick Henry for sure. Arthur Smith deserves a ton of credit as well.

Marshall Yanda says that Jeffery Simmons spit on his face, which wouldn’t be a very good thing. It is pretty interesting that Yanda has such an issue with this, even though he spat on another player just last season.

The Ravens talked a lot of smack leading up to the game on Saturday, and it went really poorly for them in the end, especially for Earl Thomas, who was meme’d relentlessly.

The gameplan for the Chiefs will be similar offensively, I’d imagine. Keep the ball away from Mahomes, and take the air out of it. Points will be required.