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Taking the temperature of Titans fans 7+ hours until kickoff

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Just like last week, we take some time to talk about how we are feeling with just over 7 hours left until kickoff. This week is certainly different than last week. I had no doubt the Titans were the better team last week. My only concern was heading into Gillette to play the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. While I don’t think the Ravens are 9.5 points better than the Titans, the balance of the season tells us that Baltimore has been the best team in the league.

With that being said, I feel like the Titans have a real chance to win this game. We already know they aren’t going to be intimidated walking into this environment. They have had a swagger about them for the past 6-8 weeks that will really benefit them.

The Titans are going to have to hit some big chunk plays in this game to win (Mike talked about that here). They aren’t going to win this one with 14 points from the offense, but guess what, this Titans offense was one of the most explosive in the league after Ryan Tannehill took over. They can put up points in bunches.

My hope is that they can get a big play from the defense early that sets up a short field for the offense. If they can get a couple of scores early that will allow them to line up and hand the ball to Derrick Henry. The Ravens talked earlier this week about wanting to hit Henry. Let’s see if that’s really the case when he is running at them.

I don’t really have a prediction here, but I do have a good feeling about it. What about you?