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Titans News: Feeding Time

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Derrick Henry was an absolute monster at the end of last year. Given the opportunity I think he’ll be a monster all year long. DVOA had the Browns with the 25th ranked rushing defense in 2018, and they did nothing to improve that run defense this offseason. Let the big dog eat.

Jim Wyatt says that Dion Lewis will be very involved once again as a backup to Derrick Henry. If used properly, Lewis can be a huge asset to this football team.

Andrew Luck retired and somehow the Titans dropped a spot in the NFL power rankings according to and are still behind the Colts!

How will the Titans fare against the Brown’s elite pass rusher without Taylor Lewan?

Mike Clay predicts that the Titans’ fantasy breakout star will be AJ Brown.