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Titans News: Big Time Bounceback

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Wow did we need that one. The Titans go into Atlanta and got a huge win. Mariota had the best performance since probably New England. He was accurate, got rid of the ball quickly, and played confidently, something we’d only really seen in the second half of the Jags game. Like Mike Herndon says in his Winners/Losers article, I’m going to need to see a lot more of these types of performances stacked for me to believe in Marcus as the long term solution again, but it was good to see.

AJ Brown is really good. The 2nd round pick is making an impact in year 1 that I can’t really remember another guy making. He’s open all the time, and he’s fantastic after the catch. They really got away from him in the second half, but he needs to be a focal point going forward. It was pretty cool that Julio Jones got to meet his idol after the game.

As I said earlier, Marcus was really good on Sunday, especially in the first half. As so happens with the QB position in the NFL, when he plays well, good things happen for the team.

Mike Vrabel’s victory speech can be found here. Its the best part of wins. I love that Derrick Henry is leading the break.

The Falcons had allowed 3 sacks all year going into the game on Sunday. The Titans got to Matt Ryan 5 times yesterday afternoon. The honorable Harold Landry had 2 sacks and hopefully is a stepping stone game for him.

Turron breaks down the pivotal pieces of the game yesterday. The defense was great and the offense was good.