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Week 3 around the AFC South

Atlanta Falcons v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Week 3 was good for every team in the AFC South- besides the one we follow here of course. There has been so much talk about that loss that I feel like it has already been a month since the game was played. Sometimes I hate football.

The most frustrating thing for me on Sunday was watching the Colts beat the Falcons 27-24. I am sitting there watching Jacoby Brissett and wishing Marcus Mariota could look as good as Brissett does. How crazy is that? How much does that suck? Well, that is our reality.

As soon as that game ended on CBS the Texans and Chargers came on the TV. Then we got to watch Deshaun Watson and Philip Rivers do battle. Remember when there was a rumor that the Titans were going to trade the second pick in 2015 draft to the Chargers for Rivers? Does anyone else that didn’t want them to do that at the time wish they would have done it now? Oh well. The Texans won that game 27-20.

AFC South Week 3 Standings

Texans 2-1

Colts 2-1

Jaguars 1-2

Titans 1-2