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Titans News: Dose of Reality

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

No Titans game on Sunday means we get to watch other teams with a little more attentiveness. While I was watching Sunday’s games an opinion others have voiced, and I’ve agreed with became extremely clear after the 1st and 2nd slate of games completed. Marcus Mariota is not the answer for the Titans. Daniel Jones and Kyle Allen were unbelievable on Sunday, throwing into tight windows, and succeeding, keeping their eyes downfield, all things Marcus is not doing.

It was a sobering Sunday when you see backups turned starters having successful NFL offenses, and all we have to look forward to is a pissed of Falcons team inevitably having their best performance of the season against us.

The up and down performance of Mariota (which is a theme in every game and every season) was something that stood out to Jim Wyatt in last Thursday Night’s loss.

Jim Wyatt answers a lot of angry fans in this week’s mailbag. Its tough to disagree with them, what we’ve seen so far is unacceptable.

Mike Vrabel said that he wasn’t very close to making a QB change on Thursday night. I think that is probably the correct approach, due to the fact that once you hit that Tannehill button, you can’t go back. My prediction is that they’ll give Marcus through week 6 to improve and if he hasn’t, they’ll make the switch to Ryan.