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Titans News: Puke Worthy

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans put together a whale of a game. It reminded me a lot of the Titans vs. Ravens game considering how much Marcus Mariota was sacked. Lets be clear, everyone sucked. Marcus sucked (first half was AWFUL, second half was much better), Arthur Smith sucked, Mike Vrabel sucked, Adoree Jackson sucked, Malcolm Butler sucked, the pass rush sucked, the offensive line SUCKED. Everyone was bad, and even when someone did something good (Davis) he fumbled.

It’s indefensible that this team is this bad. To get outplayed by Gardner Minshew is inexcusable. To get beat by a team that is going to ship out its best player in the next week is inexcusable.

0-2 in the division against 2 backup QBs. Unbelievable. The first game was a complete mirage and if this keeps up, there should be some big time changes. Marcus was hardly the biggest issue last night, but he’s not doing anything to elevate this team either. Arthur Smith put the offense in bad spots with his playcalling, and even if it was a good playcall the team would mess it up with drops, bad throws, or penalties.

Speaking of which, Tom Brady turned off the game because of the ridiculous flags.