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Podcast: All-22 Review of Mariota / Jaguars Preview

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The All-22 footage is out. While Mike works on what I’m sure will be an excellent review as always, you can listen to James and I discuss what we saw on the All-22 below.

We do need to move on quickly though on this short week, so we also talked about the upcoming match-up between the Titans and Jaguars in Jacksonville on Thursday Night Football.

I referenced some tweets on the podcast, a here’s a few of them from Mike:

And this thread by Cian Fahey (if you aren’t blocked):

Jimmy and I both try to always remind you that you can subscribe to the Music City Miracles feed wherever you get your podcasts. You get our show and MCM Radio with he and Terry on the same feed.

And let’s all wish James a happy birthday!