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Titans News: The Final Countdown

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The clock is ticking on Marcus Mariota’s career as a Titan. Yesterday’s performance was something that you should not see from a 5th year signal caller in a contract year. At this point I am almost certain that Mariota is not the answer for the Titans, however, if he were to go on a long run of great performances, I would be swayed back.

If you don’t think Marcus played poorly, please take a look at the thread below from @Titans_Notes. A replacement level QB wins the game for the Titans yesterday by just making basic plays.

The blame for yesterday’s loss does not fall only on Mariota’s shoulders, there was plenty of bad to go around. Mike Vrabel didn’t challenge a phantom PI early in the game, Vrabel let 30 seconds run off the clock for no reason before the Titans last drive, the defense gave up some long 3rd down conversions (although if you only give up 19 points and get 2 turnovers, you should win), Arthur Smith got too cute at the end of the game and didn’t run Derrick Henry. Marcus also decided to spike the ball 2 times at the end of the game, threw to guys in the middle of the field AND SHORT in a 2 minute drill situation. Not only were the Titans outplayed by a Colts team sans Luck, they were outcoached.

The game was doomed from the start, as the field caught on fire and tried to end the game before it started.

One good thing that happened in the game was that cancer survivor, David Quessenberry caught a TD pass early in the game.

I need to take less sacks is something we’ve heard for 5 years from Marcus, on Sunday it led to the Titans losing as he took 3 horrible sacks, including one that took Cairo Santos out of layup FG range and into a 45 yarder, which he missed, contributing to the loss.