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Confidence in the Titans continues to soar

Confidence in the direction of the Titans has improved 10% from this time last week. That is what beating the most-hyped offseason team will do for you. As all of us here have been talking about this week, the test now is to avoid the letdown after the big win. The fan confidence number should be close to 100% after the Titans win the next 2.

My favorite FanPulse card of week 2 belongs to the Jaguars. It appears their confidence level and class level are now exactly the same:

Really, it couldn’t happen to a better group of people.

In a bit of a surprising turn, Colts fans are feeling way more confident about their team this week than last week- even after a loss:

Here’s to hoping the Titans can send that number spiraling down after a beatdown on the day where they retire 9 and 27 at Nissan Stadium.