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Another Bucking Interview: Buck Reising Joins the TFR Podcast

Buck Reising joins the podcast to discuss a wide range of Titans topics.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Buck Reising of A to Z Sports was kind enough to join James and I for an extensive, in-depth interview about many Titans-related topics...

We discussed strategies for building relationships and the challenges of breaking Titans news in Nashville. We chastised the national media for their insistence on being misinformed, and Buck explained to us where that information originates. We also covered the importance of remaining unbiased in journalism from Buck’s perspective.

Of course, we talked a lot about Marcus Mariota, his expectations for the upcoming season and beyond, the improvements Buck’s noticed in his game this offseason, and the importance of his performance to the Titans success.

We broke down the “Mike Vrabel accountability effect,” examined Art Smith’s effectiveness as a communicator and teacher based on Buck’s observations from practice, predictions about the Titans upcoming season... plus a whole lot more.

Thanks to Buck for joining us! Follow him on Twitter: @BuckReising, and check out his podcast 615 Sessions wherever podcasts are listened to.

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