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Titans News: Brandtasy Land

NFL: Preseason-New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be completely candid with you all, when I clicked on the link for Gil Brandt’s most enviable and least enviable QB rooms, I expected the Titans to be on the list, but at the least enviable room side of the spectrum. Instead, they are at the top of the positive list. Absolutely shocking. I’m stunned.

Jeffery Simmons is learning from Casey as he is on the comeback trail. Get healthy big guy.

Corey Davis has been watching other top receivers around the league to improve his game. I am surprised more guys don’t do this. You always want to play your game, but there are things you can pick up from everyone.

Kevin Byard is a new dad and that has made him a better safety?

Frogman returneth, and boy do we need him to get hoppin.