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When it comes to Titans media consumption, buy local

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NFL: Tennessee Titans-Press Conference Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today I saw this Tweet from Titans Tube and it inspired me to write down some thoughts:

As is mentioned in that tweet, this preseason has brought flaming hot takes from the national media that there is an open quarterback competition here, that Delanie Walker is in danger of being cut, and that Mike Vrabel is on the hot seat. Normally I would link the places those “reports” came from, but they are such garbage they don’t deserve to be linked here.

I know we all want the national media to do their research before talking about our Titans, but we have seen that just isn’t going to happen. So my advice to you when looking for Titans coverage is to “buy local.” There are so many excellent people right here in this market covering the team that you don’t even need to look to the national people that don’t care about the team.

We did a series of Titans media approval polls back before Titans camp started. Most of the people we highlighted there are the people you should look be following, reading, listening to and/or watching every day.

Of course you should start here every day. Greenlaw has all of the information you need to start you day every single morning. We also have the best film breakdown pieces you will find anywhere on the internet. Don’t believe me? Check out what was posted just today from Mike on Rodger Saffold and Joshua on Marcus Mariota. We don’t break news here, but we do give you analysis on all of the news pertaining to the Titans pretty much as soon as it happens.

We also have a really good podcast feed that features Titans Film Radio with Justin Graver and James Esparza and MCM Radio with Terry Lambert and me. You can subscribe to that feed on Apple Podcasts here.

Let’s start with Titans Online. They have a ton of content there every single day with articles from Jim Wyatt and videos/podcasts from Mike Keith, Dave McGinnis and Amie Wells. Of course their coverage comes through a two-toned blue lens, but they are telling stories there you won’t get anywhere else because of the access they have.

Then you can look to 104.5 The Zone. They have 4 local radio shows, The Wake Up Zone, The Midday 180, 3HL and The Big Six. All 4 of those shows might not be for you, but their coverage of the Titans is fantastic.

My favorite of those shows is The Midday 180 from 10-2 central. The show features Jonathan Hutton, Paul Kuharsky and Chad Withrow. Their Titans coverage is so good because two of those guys have jobs outside of that show covering the Titans. Hutton is the game day host for Titans Radio, and Kuharsky has his website- I know not everyone loves PK, but he covers the team differently than anyone else in this market.

There is also Turron Davenport over at TD dives deeper with his coverage than most “beat writers” you will find out there. I don’t like much of what goes on at ESPN, but TD is really good.

Another great place for content is A to Z Sports. Austin Stanley and Zach Bingham have created a media company that exists entirely online. They do a live show every morning all over social media. They recently hired Buck Reising to beef up there Titans-specific coverage.

Finally there is The Athletic- Nashville. They have John Glennon and Joe Rexrode covering the Titans.

There are others doing good things in this market, but this is the list of people that I am going to every day to learn about what is really going on with the Titans. It is my recommendation that you should do the same.