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More About Titans-Patriots with Mike Herndon

Mike Herndon makes his second MCM podcast appearance of the day to talk about what he saw at training camp...

Our very own Mike Herndon made the Titans podcast rounds yesterday, hopping on our show to discuss training camp after finishing up with MCM Radio.

Our podcasts managed to avoid overlapping the same questions and topics, so if you can’t get enough of Mike Herndon’s observations at Titans training camp with the New England Patriots, you’ve come to the right place.

You can listen to Mike on MCM Radio with Jimmy here, and our episode with him is below. We covered how to draw conclusions from team drills when there’s no game-planning or film study by the defense, the “fight” that broke out right in front of where Mike was standing, how his height is an advantage at training camp, and much more:

Don’t forget to follow Mike on Twitter @MikeMiracles and listen to the Football and Other F Words podcast.

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