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Titans fans confident in the direction of the team

If you were around here last year, you will remember FanPulse. It’s a pretty cool thing where once a week they send out an email with a few questions about the Titans and other things around the NFL. Then I get a cool graphic with the results like the one seen above. You can sign up for those here.

This week we are looking at the confidence level of Titans’ fans. You can see that it remains high, even though it has taken a little bit of a dip since the post-draft poll. My guess for the reason it went down a little bit is just because of all of the uncertainty around Marcus Mariota. People that are actually paying attention know that it is Mariota’s job, but there are still very real concerns there.

You can also check out the “FanPulse hub” here. It shows you some of the other questions that were asked around the league.