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Smash of the Titans: Bust Edition 2nd Match Up


Sorry for the delay, holidays and work had me tied up. Moving on, we move to the next part of the bracket, Chance Warmack took the first match up in a landslide which was to be expected.


Next up we have:


Mother of God, this dude was more disappointing than opening a Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookie tin and finding sewing equipment inside. He played 18 games total in two years here with the Titans. 9 games each year with 1 start. HE ACCOUNTED FOR ONE SACK. ONE. Sharif Finch had 1.5 last year. Injury kept him on the sidelines, when Vrabel came in he was willing to work with Dodd and get him back on track but for whatever reason it never materialized. He was arguably JRob’s... no he was JRob’s worst pick, Dodd was taken at 33, I won’t list the players that went after him because I can’t see the names through the tears.


Ayers had a couple of good years with the Titans, I feel he was over hyped though. He produced but did not have what you would hope for with the 39th pick. A classic Webster pick he was an athlete and a violent hitter. However being a Webster pick he dropped off so fast I started to consider that maybe the flat earthers were on to something. Overall his time here was lukewarm, and to spite us got traded to the pats and won a ring. #Salty

So who’s it gunna be Titans fans?


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