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Titans News: A Bit of Good News

Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular - Arrivals Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Albert Haynesworth was discharged from the hospital as he starts dialysis treatments. He’s still in search of a kidney, but his outlook doesn’t look as bleak as it did a week or so ago. He says in his instagram post that the doctors took 12 lbs of fluid from his lungs. That seems like an insane amount. Thoughts and prayers are still with Big Al.

Titans Online takes a look at the TE position for the Titans and it is a pretty deep position. Delanie Walker is back, Jonnu Smith enters year 3, Anthony Firkser, and MyCole Pruitt (pride of Kirkwood, Missouri) both emerged as solid players at the position.

Pretty cool story by ESPN where they go into the background of each NFL coach and how they got their first job in the business.