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MCM Community Projections: Delanie Walker

Sports: Titans Uniforms Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that is always fun to do before the season starts is predicting how players will do in the upcoming season. Of course it is a dumb exercise because there are millions of variables in an NFL season that make it impossible to predict, but hey, it is mid-July. What else are we going to talk about?

We continue our projections series with Delanie Walker. It seems like there are no easy predictions when it comes to the Titans. Marcus Mariota is up and down. Derrick Henry was really good but in a small sample. Now we get to Delanie who is coming off of a major injury. We know what he was before, but what will he be now? That’s the big question here.

Predict Walker’s catches, receiving yards and touchdowns. Here is my prediction:


At the end of this series I will compile the averages. We will re-visit our numbers at the end of the year to see how close we were to the actual numbers.