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The Worst Titans Game You’ve Ever Seen?

Do I even need to say it?

Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On this bleak, isolate offseason where very little in the way of news gets reported, we’ve shared some memories of some of the best times in Titans history, but now it’s time to recap the absolute worst.

So, if you actually have a unique answer, post it in the comment section below. Otherwise, I think we all have the same answer.

2009, Week 6, at New England.

The 59-0 blowout loss alone is atrocious enough, but just how it got that way makes this legendarily bad in Tennessee sports lore. This was during the dark ages when Kerry Collins was the starting QB, and it just so happens that this was his last start on the season. The Titans were 0-5 needing some kind of win to get back on track, but no resemblance of that came into play, just bloodshed.

Collins completed two passes on 12 attempts for -7 yards (I am not making this up) while throwing an interception. Shockingly he did not have a 0.0 passer rating, actually earning a 4.9 rate by some miracle. Collins was later benched for Vince Young, who didn’t complete any passes on two attempts but threw an interception as well.

Interestingly enough, this was a game where Chris Johnson actually rushed for 128 yards. Yes, despite not scoring a single point, the Titans had a 100-yard rusher in a game they lost 59-0. None of the Titans quarterbacks were sacked once, but Tom Brady—who threw six touchdowns on the day—was actually sacked twice, both times by Jason Jones.

The Titans committed five turnovers on the day and put up a measly total of 186 yards of offense compared to New England’s 619. The Patriots put up 35 points alone in the second quarter, so the game was already wrapped up by then. I’m just still in shock that the Titans put up a total of -7 passing yards, and this is without any sacks so this is also the net yardage total!

If this isn’t the biggest blowout in NFL history, it’s in the top five. Incredibly, the Titans won eight of their last ten games after this brutal beating, helped by a switch to Vince Young for the remainder of the season. While they missed the playoffs at 8-8, at least Jeff Fisher was happy. But aside from Chris Johnson going the distance and joining the 2,000 yard club, one of the memories of Tennessee’s 2009 is a painful migraine involving this headache, and there’s no medicine that can cure anyone of this disease.