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“Igniting the Fire” Season 2: A New Look Air Attack Recap

WR’s Edition

This fourth episode of “Igniting the Fire” takes a look at the new and improved Titan’s wide receiving group. This offseason Jon Robinson made it a priority to give Marcus Mariota some new and reliable targets. With the additions of Adam Humphries and AJ Brown and a budding star in Corey Davis, it feels like for the first time ever there is a lot of excitement surrounding this group.

The episode begins by talking about new WR free agent Adam Humphries. Humphries talks about how he felt like the Titans were the perfect choice for him because he felt like he was coming to a good team that was in need of his skill set. Jon Robinson emphasizes that he admired Humphries’ work ethic as an UDFA and how he was able to craft himself into a productive WR. On top of his abilities on the field, his work ethic will be a valuable asset to help lead an example to our young group of WR’s. They showed a couple of clips of him running routes and catching passes and I can already tell that he is going to be one of Mariota’s favorite targets.

The episode then moves on to talk about Corey Davis and his development this offseason. It is apparent that Davis is now firmly thrusted into that WR1 role and the leader of the group. There is a different sense of confidence coming from Corey and those around him as he enters his third year in the league. Although he is a more reserved player, Davis states how he wants to take on a leadership role this year and be more vocal to help the team improve. Corey has already put his words into action by taking AJ Brown under his wing.

With these episodes, we can find small hints about the depth chart correlating to the way they portray a player and how much airtime they receive. Out of the WR’s, they specifically only let Corey Davis, Adam Humphries, and AJ Brown talk to the camera, coinciding with our likely starters this season. Also, I thought it was interesting how they spent a great deal of time talking specifically about Tajae Sharpe and how he has had a great offseason. However, they did not mention Taywan Taylor, Cameron Batson, or Darius Jennings once. Could this mean that Tajae is the clear cut WR4? Nothing is set in stone yet, but it surely does seem like things are trending upwards for Tajae.

One little side story that I noticed from the video was Marcus Mariota’s weight gain. Looking at this picture, you can notice a significant increase in upper body muscle mass. This has been one of the hottest topics for the Titan’s offseason and hopefully it will help keep him healthy this next season.

If you haven’t already watched the episode, make sure to check it out down below!