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Smash of the Titans: Bust Edition 3rd Match Up


Winner of the Second Match Kevin Dodd, Kevin Dodd vs Chance Warmack will be fun.

Our next one should be interesting. We have Vince Young vs Andre Woolfolk



This was Bud’s guy, coming off a legendary rose bowl Vince had a lot of hype coming into the NFL. This was actually the year I became a Titans fan. He won Rookie of the Year, had a stellar defense behind him, some legendary games, the Cardinals one that I’ll never forget and the Texans overtime run. He was the prodigal son, Steve McNair was his mentor, he wore 10 after 9, the owner wanted him to start, he inspired hope in a lot of Titans fans. He was not without his mistakes though, reports of not putting in the work, fights, disappearing acts, arguments with the HC, and even giving one lucky fan just trying to enjoy a beer his shoulder pads to the face at 60 mph. Overall he set the the franchise back, he had the talent to be great, but for whatever reason couldn’t keep it together. Jeff Fisher and Vince Young were definitely not a match made in heaven.


Woolfolk was before my time, but per Jimmy in a 2011 article:

All three interceptions came off David Carr-wreck himself so take that for what its worth.

So who’s it going to be Titans fans? Some of you might not think of Vince as a bust and more of a victim of circumstance, same with Woolfolk who was a victim of injury. Choose.


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