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Some thoughts on Carson Wentz’s new contract

Philadelphia Eagles v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Eagles signed quarterback Carson Wentz to a contract extension yesterday. The deal comes before the final season of his rookie contract and is worth a reported $128 million with $107.9 of that being guaranteed. That’s a big investment from the Eagles, especially when you consider that Wentz has only been able to finish one of his 3 seasons in the league.

How good is Carson Wentz? That question is hard for me to answer definitively. There is no doubt his numbers have been great the last two years with 52 touchdowns to just 14 interceptions, but I thin you have to ask yourself how much of that is the system? Nick Foles put up 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions when filling in for an injured Wentz.

Of course we look at everything that happens with young quarterbacks in the league through the lens of Marcus Mariota. There is no doubt that we would kill for the type of numbers those guys have put up the last couple of years. No one here would be upset with Mariota getting that contract with those types of numbers. Of course that isn’t where the Titans and Mariota find themselves currently.

I understand why the Eagles paid Wentz that money, but if I were their GM I would be tempted to wonder if I could draft a QB in a year and get similar production considering what Foles has done in the same system. That would allow me to stack the rest of the roster with talent that would help a quarterback with lesser talent be even more successful.

The thing that is going to be really interesting is what the Rams do with Jared Goff. You know that Sean McVay believes he can succeed with just about any quarterback. Are they going to give Goff Wentz money?