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Week 2 vs. the Colts is the ultimate revenge game for the Titans

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This week is “Revenge Week” at SB Nation. Of course when you think about the Titans and revenge games you automatically think of the Colts and Andrew Luck. That is revenge that the Titans have been waiting on since Luck entered the league. You already know that the Titans have never beaten him and that it was Luck and the Colts that kept the Titans out of the playoffs in 2018.

The Titans can get the ultimate revenge here by winning both games next year and winning the AFC South. The hold the Colts have had over the Titans for the last 10+ years really is crazy. I will never forget how awesome it was back in 2000 (following the 1999 season) when Eddie George ripped off that long run to beat the Colts in the playoffs. The sad thing is I don’t have very many positive memories about the series since that game.

Mike Vrabel and his team have talked about going from good to great this year. They can take a big step in that direction week 2 when the Colts come to Nissan Stadium.