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Titans News: Dog Whispering

NFL: New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Logan Ryan and his wife have an animal shelter and Ryan has been outspoken about it since signing on with the Titans 2 years ago. I would say that a prerequisite to be a good person is liking dogs, so it’s pretty neat that Logan Ryan’s wife helps them for a living.

Jim Wyatt answers more questions about the Titans and if AJ Brown is related to Antonio Brown. In related news I asked Jimmy Morris if he is related to Raheem Morris, and alas, he is not. Unconfirmed if Mike Herndon is related to Chris Herndon.

Tannehill says he’ll be ready if called upon, which is super, because it is literally his job. ranks the top pass catching groups in the NFL. Surprisingly, the Titans do not make the list. Even more surprising is that the Vikings do not make the list either.